Soft Beauty’s mud blush is a unique high-pigment blush product that blends smoothly into the skin for a fantastic finish. It's something you have to experience, and you can do that with our three dreamy shades; Red Romance, Pink Situation & Purple Affair. Order yours today and create a perfect complexion.

    4 products

    4 products

    Soft Beauty’s mud blush is uniquely formulated for high pigmentation and fabulous texture. We call it mud blush because of its dense, creamy and beautiful consistency that blends smoothly and seamlessly into your skin.

    Cream blush for warm and cool undertones

    A little goes a long way. Our mud blush is highly pigmented so you can achieve the perfect look for you – whether that’s a soft pop of colour or a buildable bold look is your choice, anything is possible. 

    Soft Beauty’s unique creamy formula blends seamlessly into the skin for a truly flawless finish. And what’s more, the mud blush is also filled with Vitamin E to support skin repair, protect from damage, and keep your skin extra moisturised.

    3 gorgeous cream blush shades for the perfect makeup look

    Soft Beauty’s mud blush comes in three lovely creamy shades to keep your cheeks flushed: 

    • Purple Affair: A deep and cool purple 
    • Pink Situation: A bright hot pink
    • Red Romance: A velvet red

    If you’re still deciding on your favourite shade, click on our bundle option to try them all. You’ll get a lovely discount on our blushes for sale and free delivery in the UK. 


    Cream blushes are popular because you can seamlessly blend them into your skin for a natural no-makeup look. Cream blushes can give you a natural texture that is ideal for your everyday makeup.
    “A great way to make your cream blush last throughout the day is to layer a powder blush on top of it to set it,” Spickard suggests. After you've applied your cream blush, set it with a powder of the same shade. If you apply a cream blush after you have applied powder to your face, the blush will not blend in well to your cheeks. Instead of applying powder to your face before you apply blush, apply your blush first and then finish with a small dusting of loose powder.
    “They are also more hydrating than powder blushes.” They usually leave skin with a dewy finish, and often the best cream blush will have moisturising properties. They also tend to be buildable, too, so you can get more or less pigment, depending on how much you apply.
    No, you don’t need a brush to apply cream blush. Just make sure your hand is clean and has no other products – all you need to do is tap your fingers over your cheeks to apply it. If you have a soft and thick brush for blushes, apply your cream blush over your cheekbones in an upward sweeping motion.
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