Liquid Blushers


    Our colour enhancing liquid blusher adds the perfect touch, leaving you looking wonderfully flushed. We've added a cheeky pinch of glitter for enhanced illumination, and our tones are perfect for every skin type. Layer up to create a bold blush colour or add just a little for a subtle pop of rosiness. The choice is yours.

    10 products

    10 products

    Whether you're going for that carefree look or you want to go all out, our liquid blush is what brings everything together. Soft Beauty’s liquid blush blends easily onto the skin without leaving a cakey or too matte finish. Instead, you'll get that natural dewy finish for an instant boost of freshness.

    The best liquid blusher for adding a touch of colour to your make-up

    From light pink blushes to deep peach and soft red, our shades will give you that cheeky pinch of glitter for enhanced lumination. Because of its fantastic liquid formula, our beauty blush looks fabulous on all skin types. You can apply and blend it effortlessly. We promise —your makeup will never look patchy.

    Take a look at these 4 gorgeous shades:

    • Prince’s Kiss - Baby pink with a soft golden shimmer
    • Secret Garden - Soft red
    • Sleeping Beauty - Deep peach
    • Crystal Tiara -  Rose

    If you’re indecisive about your favourite liquid blusher shade, why not have them all? Just click on our bundle option for a lovely discount and free delivery in the UK.


    Liquid blushes offer you a healthy, rosy glow that brightens your skin and gives your make-up a touch of colour. You can build up the colour and blend them effortlessly for a gorgeous-looking glow and flushed cheeks.
    When compared to powder blush, liquid blush usually lasts longer, blends better into the skin, can be layered up gradually, and provides a dewy flush that won't dry out your skin. If you’re going for a natural and youthful look, a powder blush’s matte finish might not be the best option.
    To apply a liquid blusher, use the applicator to add the product to your cheekbones with precision. Then, just use your fingertips or a makeup brush to tap it and blend it seamlessly onto the skin.
    Typically, you apply the liquid blush before the setting powder. Setting powder is usually used after all liquid products have been applied to your skin, but before other powder makeup.
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